Market Value (for the recent 20 trading days)
Note: All values are in billions of Peso
Market Summary As Of September 30, 2022
Total Number of Trades 77323
Total Volume 1.014030439E9
Total Value 6.69308939733E9
Index Value Chg %Chg
PSEi 5,741.07
ALL 3,107.90
Memo for Clearing Members
Date Title
September 25, 2022 Revision of Settlement Dates Due to No Trading/No Clearing
September 08, 2022 URGENT: Update of Security Certificates for CCCS CSD and CCH
September 01, 2022 Philippine Holidays for the Year 2023 Ė Proclamation No. 42
August 25, 2022 Reminder on the Use of the PDTC House and Free Accounts
August 23, 2022 Revision of Settlement Dates Due to the Suspension of PhilPaSS Settlement Operations
August 15, 2022 Revision of Settlement Dates Due to the Celebration of National Heroes Day
August 01, 2022 List of Securities Eligible as Collateral
May 20, 2022 Delay in Release of Entitlements Due to Technical Problems of PDTC
May 05, 2022 Revision of Settlement Dates Due to Proclamation No. 1357
May 02, 2022 Revision of Settlement Dates In Observance of Eidíl Fitr
Online Systems
CSD Central Securities Depository
CCH Central Clearing House
Stock Dividend
Company Code % Ex-Date
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Change in Par
Company Code From To Effectivity Date
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Company Code Listing Date
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Company Code Delisting Date
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